We’re about Blue Fish. Smoked.

Blue Fish from the North Fork of Long Island. Our meticulous all-natural smoking process gives all our filets & pâtés a bold, healthy regional stamp, as do our ingeniously concocted non-smoked Snappa Burgers.  We smoke the freshest local fish, caught by ourselves or by some of the area’s best local fishermen. Having fished all our lives, we know how to handle fish properly for freshness and taste. Next, our smoking process comes second to none because we put in hundreds of hours making sure we got it right before we ever considered selling them. And we never use preservatives or fillers.

We represent a century old tradition and are dedicated to bringing that heritage back, then taking things up a notch, with our new, original products inspired by our filets.

We’re about elevating and celebrating a vastly under-appreciated, highly sustainable, incredibly tasty and healthy food source. (We’re not sure we knew what Omega 3s were when we were kid fisherman, but we sure did know that most everyone we knew who were North Fork fish lovers were pretty hearty and healthy folks).

In just four years, our products have gone from, first, our friends dinner tables, then, with their encouragement, the local and NYC farmers’s markets, and more recently they can also be found in some of the finest gourmet markets in New York. We’re bringing country folk, city dwellers and everyone in-between a product we’re proud of. And we’re proud to say that our products were raved about in the New York Times by Florence Fabricant and by Jamie Feldbar in Tasting Table.

So yes, we’re about Blues. But we’re also about the future of taking sustainable food sources and making them a vital source of delicious food, and preserving a tradition and way of life from fishing boats to dinner tables for decades to come.